Bookstagrammers Are Making the Jump to New App Litsy

In what appears to be just a day, bookstagrammers have finally begun the potential Litsy craze. It’s an app that’s been under the radar for months, but now it’s become the new bookstagram. Designed like Instagram, it has features like “likes”, hashtags, comments, and tagging. However, it’s not exactly the same.

For one, posting isn’t just pictures. It can be a blurb, a review, or a quote. Which means there doesn’t even need to be a picture for a post to be made and creates posts similar to tweets on Twitter.

Next to the like and comment buttons, there’s a special stack button, which is similar to the Goodreads feature of adding books to to-read, reading, or have-read shelves. Every post has a specific book linked to it, so when a post has a book that interests you, you can hit that button and add it to one of your stacks. No more switching over to Goodreads every time you see a book you want to read!

Comments are kept separate from the activity feed for “likes” and stacking. This is helpful, since tagged comments can easily be missed beneath a sea of “likes” and then there’s that awkward moment when someone doesn’t respond to a comment you tagged them in. As well, there’s even a feature that lets you edit comments you’ve made, which wasn’t available on Instagram.

Then there is the important part, the reason why all of us are so frustrated with Instagram. No algorithm. Litsy even mentions this specifically, so we can count on them keeping our posts in chronological order. Finally, an app that listens to us!


But it isn’t all perfect. Afterall, it’s a fairly new app. There are bound to be some bumps in the design or features that are still missing.

There’s no grid to view your photos. We all take pride in our themes, since it’s what draws in new followers and is pretty to look at (when we get it right). There have been a few debates on this. Should we have the grid pattern, or keep it the way it is so we don’t have to stress about themes anymore?

Then there are the comments, which, are formatted in a way that makes it difficult to easily skim over them. Regular comments show what the person is saying, but for comments where you are tagged in them (ex: @infinitbr) do not show the comment and instead say “[person] tagged you in a comment about [book]”. This might be just me, but I’d like being able to read what was said without having to click on the post!

Finally, the biggest change I’d like is the addition of DMs. I could never switch completely over the Litsy because of the many DM conversations I have on Instagram. Conversations are made easier on Litsy by having comments in a separate feed from other activity, but it would be most efficient to talk to other people in a chat-format like DMs.


So, what do you love about Litsy, and what do you want changed? I’m hoping this post will encourage more of you to join those of us already on the app and post your own reviews to help improve their app!



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