Cheap Bookstagram Equipment! (camera, lenses, studio lights,+)

I take photos at night. No, seriously, I do!

It doesn’t have to break your bank to be fancy with your bookstagramming! It’s been one year since I started my bookstagram, and I’ve slowly brought in more and more equipment to up my game. Sure, you can use your phone camera and natural lighting, but if you want your photos to be high quality and to use fancy camera tricks (will be doing another post on that 😉 ), then this is for you!

The Camera

You don’t need a high-end camera! The quality of your photos depends on your skills with the different settings, not on the thousands of dollars you spend on a camera. It doesn’t take much to learn the basic settings you need for effective bookstagramming, which I will detail in another post soon.

I use a Nikon D60, which is a 2008 model that I bought years ago. Now, it costs between $100-200 based on the seller you choose! You only need to buy the body if you’re planning to buy a lense.


I use two lenses. One is a zoomable one for flaylays and my very first lens. It’s helpful for higher quality pictures with extra detail and zooms out far enough that I can easily do a flaylay without needing wings…or maybe a ladder…

The other lens is for my bokeh shots, since it has an apperture of f1.8 (meaning that it takes shots with very blurry backrounds that make my fairylights into pretty little circles) and is 50mm (which means that it’s not zoomable and any picture I take of a book will make the book appear much closer than it really was when I took the shot).

If you’re deciding between the lenses:


(uneditted except for top right)

I found the zoom lens here and f1.8 lens here on Amazon. The f1.8 is from the same seller I bought it from and includes a ton of accessories!

Studio Lights

This is my grand secret for being able to take pictures past midnight. I bought my lights for only $56 dollars and it’s my favorite investment. Any picture you see after December 2016 was not taken with any natural lighting! Plus, they’re easy to set up and reflect beautifully off of white sheets. No more worrying about awkward shadows or the sun going down before you get home from work or school! You can find them here.

Tripod and Remote

Invest in a tripod! They’re helpful for flatlays and shots that your body is in since we don’t all have a model on hand!

Also get a remote. This is used to connect wirelessly with your camera and take a photo without you needing to touch the camera.

I recieved both of these as gifts, but you can compare models on amazon.

I hope this helped you! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or DM me on my Instagram! Also give a like, share, and follow because it would encourage me to make more posts like this.