Review: A City Baker’s Guide to Country Living

This is a book that will leave you drooling and running to the oven to bake a beautiful apple pie or a soft, melt-in-your-mouth cake. Even if you can’t bake, you’ll be inspired to become a baker. Just be sure to be careful, since inexperienced bakers are known to accidentally set things on fire, just like Livvy did. Except…she wasn’t inexperienced, so that means it’s even more important that you, as a possibly inexperienced baker, be cautious.
Chased by scandal and embarassment after setting the kitchen on fire from a lit Baked Alaska, Livvy fled to Vermont to join her best friend Hannah. She is hired by Margaret, the owner of the Sugar Maple Inn, to bake her beautiful and swoon-worthy desserts. It’s a stroke of good fortune, since, after all, she had set the kitchen on fire at the last place.
I found the book to be a very enjoyable and cute read, something that can be read beside a fireplace with a blanket wrapped around you. You’ll drool over the desserts (don’t actually drool though…that would damage the pages of a beautiful book!) and find yourself smiling at the little happy moments. It wasn’t as cliche as I expected, which I really enjoyed. I found that it was predictable, but most cute reads are like that, unless they’re the odd ones that suddenly turn into SciFi or the apocalypse. Even if there weren’t major shocking points, I feel that a read like this is a nice break from all of the recent action-packed books being released.
I found that I especially enjoyed Livvy’s character. She reminded me of myself, actually, since she colored her outrageous colors. She had a very unique personality that way and I could envision her as well as I could envision her baked goods. It was a nice detail to have differently colored hair, since most main characters have a unique feature that isn’t so outrageously unique- like striking eyes or high cheekbones. Her features just made her the fun and interesting main character that I found her to be.
I also loved the parts about friendship and family. It wasn’t only descriptions of food- I promise! Though I don’t think you’d complain… since the descriptions felt like stories of their own (that may be my own exaggeration though–but truly I loved those parts!). There was, of course, a love interest, which as usual I shipped so hard. I mean, who can blame me? I just naturally form fictional ships that I either sink with or sail away with into the sunset. Other than the love, she also formed her own new family. Ever since she was sixteen, Livvy had been caring for herself. Now that she had moved to Vermont, she formed a family not only with the locals, who she baked for and played banjo for with the Hungry Mountaineers, but with a family named the McCrackens. I couldn’t help falling in love with their family–smiling at their successes and breaking my heart with their heartbreaks, like how Henry McCracken is battling colon cancer and his son Martin gave up his life to help out at home. I couldn’t help feeling sad for both the McCrackens, since they had to be facing such a challenge, and Livvy, who unlike Martin, didn’t have anyone she could give up her life for to help, and as such, I found a lot of joy in that she was able to finally find a family and make Henry the father she lost.
I would recommend this book to anyone, even if you do not have a passion for baking. I never bake anymore and I don’t eat sweets (wow, what an alien, am I right?!) but even I could appreciate the descriptions of the food. I just find imagery to be one of the features that stands out most to me in books, and the fact that the book had so much made me love it even more. I would read it again, since it was a cute adventure that I would enjoy traveling upon again. As well, it was an easy read, which made it a good break from my recent reads.

I recieved this book from Blogging For Books for this review, which absolutely does not change my opinion of the book. I value honest feedback as a growing experience for the author and as a true recommendation to my readers.


3 thoughts on “Review: A City Baker’s Guide to Country Living

  1. 😍😍 this makes me want to read the book SO MUCH!! Baked goods? Sounds downright fabulous. Although I love to bake I don’t eat them that much anymore 😳 I like giving them to other people to eat! Lol

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