Reading Update: I ADOPTED A BUNNY?

Did I say a bunny? More like a cat-puppy hybrid.

Cat: licks excessively and alternates between sleeping and eating. Is the alfa animal (reigns over human as well)

Puppy: likes to greet the owner and runs with flopping ears

That’s something misunderstood about bunnies. They’re not boring, food-consuming animals that look cute for pictures. Okay, they do look adorable for pictures, but that’s not the point.

Ever since my bunny arrived, all I’ve been doing is either thinking about her or   petting her. Or… cleaning up her poop. Which somehow is more than the food actually consumed… I mean, they did say that bunnies are pretty similar to horses. I’m getting off-track. Give me a break! It’s 3am and I’m ranting about my bunny. 😭

Having Essie has been throwing my reading off. It took me two weeks TWO WEEKS to read Carry On! I was too busy playing with her (yes- bunnies do play. This is her puppy  characteric: she loves to jump around when I wiggle my fingers on the ground or jump from side to side. It’s my workout routine now 😂) and stopping her from tossing around her food bowl like a toddler or flicking her poop into her waterbowl. Has she mistaken herself for a toddler and thinks that playing with her food and pooping in her waterbowl like a human toilet is acceptable for a bunny?? Sometimes (ok always) I am confused what type of animal Essie thinks she is.

Fun fact about Essie (I mean, these are all fun facts but I needed a transition. I also need some sort of coffee right now. I’m going to read this in the morning and regret ever staying up so late writing): She really is a miniature toddler. When I don’t give her enough attention by looking at my phone, she thumps her back leg until I shower her with kisses and treats- though not too many because a fat bunny is a rabbit, not a cat-puppy hybrid. By the way, thumps sound like your heaviest book- like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- fell off the top of your shelf in the middle of the night and scared the bejeebus out of you. Yes, that has happened. Yes, I skipped a few heartbeats.


Wait, this is a reading update, not a bunny update (if you want a full bunny update, let me know, because I am a very proud mommy who doesn’t mind ranting about her child okay???).

I recently read Carry On, which I rate 5/5 stars because it honestly blew me away. I thought that it was a contemporary, but it actually is a DRARRY FANFICTION?!?!?!! Um, yes! I’ll rant about it in another post because it deserves its own mini essay.

As for my current read, I’m reading Melody’s Key by Dallas Coryell. He very kindly sent the book to me for review, which I was so happy about since the summary told me that it would be a beautiful novel with romance that can probably help me with my Baz-Simon (from Carry On) obsession right now. I clearly need someone else to ship. I already started the book and I can tell you right now that the beginning itself is a story. I haven’t lost attention at all, which usually happens to me in the beginnings of books, and I had to force myself to stop reading it last night so I could at least get a few hours of sleep before going to see the movie La La Land.

By the way, if you enjoy musicals and the chemisty between RYAN GOSLING (who is literally O.M.G. BEAUTIFUL) and Emma Stone then you neeeeeeed neeeeeeeeeed to see La La Land so that we can rant together.


This was more of a talkative post and directionally-challenged post, but I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know what you thought of your last read! If you already reviewed it, I’ll be sure to check out the review as well on your blog! ❤


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