Let’s Fangirl #1: A Torch Against the Night

My reviews are just so serious and essay-like and you all know I’m not all like that! I’m starting a series where I let out my inner fangirl on this blog and be the usual capslock and exclaimation point loving bookworm I am!

Warning!!! Contains spoilers *gasp*

What better book to start with than A Torch Against the Night? Let’s just say, it left me in freaking pieces. Or rather, the pieces of my BROKEN SHIPS!

Keenan. Oh my gosh I LOVED THAT BOY! He was so rough and serious but also gentle at the right moments, his smiles so rewarding and rare. I honestly fell in love with him and yes, I admit it, preferred him over Elias. Then it turned out that my little flaming cinnamon roll was the NIGHTBRINGER! And…and SHE HAD SEX WITH HIM! I was so horrified because that’s like doing it with a dementor. It was such. a. shock. and I am still so sad about that.

Elias. HE DIED?! I thought that Helene would heal him with her magical singing powers (I would love to have those powers but I can’t sing note: that doesn’t mean I DON’T sing), but he just died. Sure, he became the ruler of the Waiting Place but he’s tied there forever in all eternity. I shipped Laia and Keenan, but I also shipped Laia/Helene and Elias but that would be as impossible as dating an immortal (Aelin, looking at you!). Which ship sunk more? At least I’m not horrified about Elias and am just sad.

I feel that Elias and Laia don’t belong together. He is so serious and strong and old beyond his years, while she’s so gentle and soft and young. Polar opposites can work, but with them, I don’t feel like they really know each other! On the other hand, Helene and Elias are like Rowan and Aelin (two Throne of Glass references? Don’t mind if I do!): they’re like twin swords, perfectly coordinated and dangerous together. Their only problem is their differing views on the Empire, but I feel that Helene can change! I DON’T need another sunken ship!

What do you all think? Let’s fangirl!!!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Fangirl #1: A Torch Against the Night

  1. I loved Keenan too!Maybe not more than Elias but still I loved him,and dn..he turned out to be the Night bringer!😭 I do ship Elias and Laia but I also ship Elias and Helene and I think Elias and Helene should be together cause for Laia,with her gentle and soft character,it would be easy for her to find someone other than Elias,but Helene,with all her strength and courage and loyalty,Elias is the only one who deserves her,and he’s also the only one who can make her even remotely happy at this point,unless another stronger and better character shows up in the next book,which seems kind of unlikely to me….and maybe Helene bring back Elias from the Waiting Place with her singing?


    • You have given me hope!! Even if it’s unlikely, maybe she actually can bring him back! She probably doesn’t even know the full extent of her powers yet! And yes about keenan! As a character, I didn’t love him more than Elias just because he was a little too mysterious and honestly no one can compare to a Mask (or at least a good one like Elias). But I think the fact that he wasn’t as strong and as perfect was what made him so perfect for Laia! Also you’re so right about Helene. Any lesser character than Elias would never be able to keep up with her. She’s too strong and would probably break someone else! 😂 honestly he’s the only one that can handle her and her anger. Though I also wonder if she can even come back from the death of her family. It’s so horrible and should be bringing her AWAY from the Empire but in the end she was basically showing that it brought her even closer?!! What do you think? Can she still even feel love?


  2. I agree with you about Keenan, and why he was perfect for Laia and also the fact that Helene isn’t aware of the full extent of her powers,like there was this one character somewhere in the book who had a similar kind of power and promised to train her if I remember right.I thought that too,that after the death of her family,she would finally see how horrible the Empire was,but didn’t seem to have happened,she now takes her role of Blood Shrike more seriously than ever.And about the whole unmaking and making of Helene,I think she still has the ability to love,though she might have locked it up deep inside her after everything that happened ,like the ending,where she’s still concerned about her sister,but it would take a lot to make her love again…..and I really hope she still has a glimmer of love for Elias,cause somewhere at the end,she mentioned that the part of her heart which belonged to Elias was dead ,I hope that that’s only because she thinks he’s dead and has shut that part of her.And you know that line where she says the Elias and Laia are like countermelodies? That makes me so sad,sad that Helene and Elias will not be together 😭


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