What got you into reading?

I’ve been reading since I was a fetus, which is probably why I cried when I was born! Because no one interrupts my reading with no small amount of anger and internal crying from me! Well, that may possibly be an exaggeration. But it feels that way! I first read Jack and Annie and the Magic Treehouse, but quickly moved up to YA with Alanna the Lioness when I was eight.

How do you gain loyal followers?

To me, loyal followers mean my best friends on Bookstagram. The important thing is to reach out to people! All of us love to talk about books and fangirl so just try DMing someone who has similar interests! Or if you have no idea who to DM, send me a message, haha!

As for gaining followers, it is important to be and stay active. This means following back a lot of people in the beginning of your account and liking and commenting on their photos. Also, you should post at least once a day (the best time is 5pm EST) and respond to comments on there! When I decide whether to follow an account I base it off of 2 things. Are their pictures pretty? Do they respond to comments from people? Also be sure to use hashtags! Both put them on your pictures and like pictures on them.

Check out my tips for bookstagram post for more!

If you had to live in any fictional world, which would you choose?

I have two here because I have issues with choices (give me more than three choices and you’ll be waiting forever).

1. The Night Court from A Court of Mist and Fury because RHYSand!! Need I say more? Oh and the fact that it is the most protected city ever. Although I admire badass book characters, I’m not going to be defending the city or saving the world.

2. Hogwarts! Again, need I say more?! MAGIC!!

What are your top favorite books?

ACOMAF (A Court of Mist and Fury). ACOMAF. ACOMAF. ACOMAF. Annndd.. ACOMAF! Okay, fine. I will try not to be too much of an ACOMAF fangirl. Here is my list:
1. ACOMAF- surprise surprise! You never could have guessed! I am so obsessed with this book for two reasons. First, there is Rhysand, who is a cinnamon bun in the form of a haughty territorial Fae male who can crush your mind with just a thought. Really charming, I know. Second, Feyre goes from tiny little insignificant human to badass and that gives me a lot of hope because the most badass thing I have done is read ACOMAF in one day…I know, you should be afraid of my reading skills.
2. Empire of Storms…I haven’t read it yet but you know I have to reserve a spot for it!
3. Cress! There are so many cute moments between Cress and Thorne (my favorite couple of the series) and they gave me so many feeeels! Thorne is so flirtatious when really he is a cinnamon bun inside like Rhysand (are you also starting to see a pattern here?). Also I just generally love The Lunar Chronicles because it is so unique and well thought out!
4. I’ll Give You the Sun is the cutest realistic fiction you will ever read. The imagery and exaggerations are so unique to this book. And of course Noah and Brian are aDORAble!!!
5. Alanna the Lioness. I could give a ton of other books this spot but Alanna the Lioness meant so so much to me when I was younger! It is the book that made me start reading a ton more and trying to write my own books!

What is your favorite Bookstagram account?

They are all so unique that I can’t choose! But here are the top three most creative ones:  seelieknightxenatine, and highladyreads

Do you read in public places?

If you ever see me reading in public, stay. away. I cannot gauruntee that I won’t throw my book into your face if you distract me. Then I will cry and blame you if my book is at all damaged. Just fair warning. 🙂 But really, I hate it so much when people try to talk to me while reading! Like excuse you I am busy defeating Voldemort and kissing Rhysand. I didn’t ask you to interrupt, mortal.

Do you use bookmarks or dogear the pages?

Neither. And I consider dogearing pages a crime! That crease will be there forever because of YOU! What did the book ever do to you to warrant such abuse?! Now you are probably wondering what I do…basically I shut my book and memorize the page number. 100% of the time I then forget it so I spend several minutes cursing myself as I flip through the book to find my spot.

Do you relate some books to certain songs?

Every time I read the title of Since You’ve Been Gone I immediately start singing mentally, “SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GO-ONEEE!” from “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson. Go look up the song and listen to it and you will never be able to read that title the same way ever again. You’re welcome. 😉

Will you ever do a Sock Sunday?

If I can’t touch my toes, how am I supposed to hold my camera above my feet while making the picture look pretty?! That’s some gynastics-yoga-ninja stuff right there.

the closest I’ve ever gotten to a sock sunday

When did you decide you wanted to be Jaylin‘s bestie? (curtesy of Jaylin)

Um. Obviously since the day I met her on Bookstagram! I knew instantly when I met her because she’s “hilarious and amazing” – Jaylin . Or maybe it was because we bonded over Book Outlet, the heaven for bookworms that I basically screamed in caps to her about. Haha!

What are your tips on pictures?

First of all, NATURAL LIGHTING!! This is your best friend in taking pictures! I recommend sticking a white posterboard or wood slab in front of a window and taking pictures on that!

Second, props! Fake flowers somehow are loved by us readers, maybe because we are all secretly old ladies in our hearts, and fairy lights are an electric magic. It looks like Tinkerbell hopped all over my feed lately, really.

Tinkerbell flew around my feed

Third, editing! I use Ribbet to edit my photos and bought the premium version so I have even more options! The free version is still very helpful though! I recommend increasing the brightness and adding more shadows. Also, decreasing the saturation gives your photos a pastel look!

Do you have a genre you read the most?

This would definitely be Fantasy! I love being badass characters while I am laying in bed so I feel like I am actually accomplishing something. Also, I love that Fantasy is so different from real life!




3 thoughts on “Q&A

    • Thank you so much Anna! And I know! Sock Sunday’s are impossible for me and I don’t even get why people’s feet are so interesting, haha!! And I agree- Fantasy is the most magical of all of the books. I seem to be able to feel like I’m in the story much easier in it!


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