My Thoughts on a Throne of Glass show

I am a hardcore fan of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. I scream and cry happy tears when I get one of her books in my hands. At one point, I even said, “myyy precciiousssss,” as I stroked my newly arrived book. Weird, I know. But if you’re a hardcore fan like me, you totally understand! As Hazel Grace is quoted in saying in The Fault in Our Stars, I would read Sarah’s grocery lists. She can make anything sound badass, whether it is a sassy assassin (hehe) or a tomato at the store. That totally is not an exaggeration. Totally.
Now, you would think that as a hardcore fan who would read Maas’s grocery lists, I would be beyond the moon at a Throne of Glass T.V. show (or, I suppose, a Queen of Shadows T.V. show). Wrong. A T.V. show seems so special and amazing, and maybe I’d get to see that hottie Dorian or Chaol in it, but the point is that it is exactly what this fandom does not need.
Take Game of Thrones. I’ve never seen it, and only this year I found out that it was originally a book series. The fact that it is also a T.V. show that I have seen countless ads of completely and utterly turns me off of reading the books. As another example, I am a huge fan of The Book Thief. The words, the characters, the emotions in that book brought me to tears more times than I can count. Some were tears of “this is freaking beautiful” and others were just sad tears because I could feel Liesel’s pain as everyone in her life just died. Gone. Forever. When it came to watching the movie, it became less of being Liesel and more of watching a story unfold. Sure, it was a story and interesting! But it did not capture the undercurrent of thoughts and emotions from Liesel, or the feelings from Death. I didn’t cry when it ended. My eyes were dry and I did not feel satisfied. I knew I could just start over the movie and see those characters again—I knew that the actor who played Rudy was still alive. When I saw Markus Zusak last year, he himself even said that he would rather that it was not a movie.
There is a certain magic to books. The author creates worlds that come from their heads. In turn, us as readers reimagine those worlds and characters in our own heads. No screen can capture the magic and impossibility of the scenes in books. It is the words that make it more than just a story. We become part of the book, and the book becomes part of us. I find myself often feeling as if I am actually inside the story, kissing Chaol or running from the ridderack. On the screens, there is a layer of glass keeping us from the characters, and it’s something that never can be breached. We are just bystanders, watching all of the scenes in the book happening as we sprawl on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in front of us and our eyes glazed. How can we have Celaena’s same emotions and experience her life if we are just watching? In Heir of Fire, Celaena has a feeling of hopelessness—she wants to kill herself and is so so angry at herself for being such a coward, as Nehemiah called her. The actress who played her can cry and scream, but we will never fully understand what it is like to be Celaena in that moment. No screen can capture that. As such, us readers have been the only ones to experience the Throne of Glass world. Suddenly, all of these new people will be watching the show without bothering to read the books. They’ll never be as passionate as us because as I said, they cannot become Celaena. All of these new fans will only have the surface of what makes Throne of Glass the most beautiful series I have ever read, and they will only scorn us for our passion for the series.
As for the show itself, there are several factors that will make it less-than-amazing. First of all, I would be a bit more happy if it were a movie. Far more actors and actresses flock to have a chance to be in a movie. Even the producers themselves put far more effort into movies because the movie will be on the big screen with speakers blaring. In shows, they tend to be rushed, especially if a new episode comes out every week. It is more about the money-making than the quality—quantity over quality. They cannot capture, either, the killings Celaena made! It sounds awful to say that, but true! I could see her victims’ deaths in my mind’s eye when I read the book. Because of ratings and rules regarding violence, how horrible and dark her soul is cannot be truly shown. The killings are brutal, but necessary to understanding Celaena. Shows often tend to be more dramatic, to give watchers something to force them to watch again the next week. You’re in the story for thirty minutes, but then you have to wait a week before finding out what comes next. It’s as if you’re living a life that keeps getting cut off abrubtly, and that will never, never capture her life. I can read one of Maas’s books in a day, and when I come out, I am confused about where I am because I was in the story. I was Celaena; I was Manon; I was Chaol; I was Dorian. It put an element of excitement to my own life because lives like that can only be lived through books.
Will I watch the show when I comes out? Probably. I expect there to be many hottie actors playing the characters of Dorain, Chaol, Aedion, and Rowan. But will it be the same experience? Will I feel resentful that it leaves me so unsatisfied? Yes. It isn’t the story that makes a life. It is living it, and that is only possible through the imagination.


5 thoughts on “My Thoughts on a Throne of Glass show

  1. hi! i’m just binge reading your posts because, well, why not?!
    and. this. post.
    it’s basically like you took all the thoughts i have and thoughts i didn’t know i had and strung them all together, perfectly. i have never related to a post more. which is strange because i didn’t even know they were coming out with a throne of glass show! but i have the same feeling with every book they make into a movie/tv show.
    …percy jackson…*cries*
    anyway, great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • AHAHA THANK YOU! Ohmygosh Percy Jackson. Those poor books. Some people don’t even read the books (and don’t even know there are books) because they can just watch the movies. Um… I’m totally not part of that. I’ve read the books.. OKAY I haven’t 😅. I watched the first movie! Would you recommend the books? I’m thinking on reading some of the books there were changed into shows/movies like Percy Jackson and Game of Thrones. 😊 They were taken up to be in shoes and movies for a reason!


      • i’m always hesitant to recommend books because i think, what if they don’t like them and they wasted their time on a book i recommended. or if they only keep reading because they feel bad. i personally loved percy jackson & my love for it is only topped by sarah j maas’s books (what else lol). okay maybe six of crows & crooked kingdom too. this was a long paragraph for its simple conclusion: read percy jackson. (& if you don’t like it don’t feel bad) (but you probably will) (like it i mean) lol

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      • Same here with recommending books! Though the most satisfying feeling is when they fall in love. Also obviously only Sarah j Maas’s books can top anything 😏 they’re not match. I’ve also read Six of Crows and if both of those are as good as either of those I need to read it! I wasn’t going to read Percy Jackson but you’ve convinced me!!


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