10 thoughts on “If You Liked…

  1. I have both The Book Thief and All the Light we Cannot See and I am still excited to read both of them (and I may or may not have bought both of them because of those beautiful covers…)
    Even though I haven’t read it (my blog partner and cousin, Kassandra has), and she still says I need to read it because it’s like reading fanfic from Mibba days. I have no idea if you’ve ever used Mibba but apparently, “IT’S SO MIBBA AND AMAZING AND YOU NEED TO READ IT!”
    I’m not sure if I’ve read the other series/books you mentioned. *off to Goodreads everything*

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    • I honestly love cover buys so much! But I demand that you read them at once because their insides are even more beautiful! This many months later, you may have actually read them by now! 😅 have you read them or do I need to force you to?!?!


    • This is so late- a few comments went into spam!! Aren’t they beautiful?! Even though it was sad, I really loved that they had not-so-happy endings! It put the reality into the story side of the war!


  2. I love this post, what a great idea! I’m in the middle of reading The Book Thief, right now, and All the Light We Cannot See is one I’ve actually been really wanting to read ever since a friend did.


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