Poison Princess Review

When I first read the summary of this book I thought, eugh no, boring! I mean, I have read plenty of apocalypse books–The Fifth Wave, The Kill Order, Life as We Knew It, etc. Was I really up for yet another version of our world’s end? Ahem, YES. In this review, I am going to convince you to get this book and ulitmately love it. Hopefully.

Evangeline lived in the modern day world, happily surrounded by many friends and a sweet, albeit boringly basic, football player boyfriend. (Don’t leave- I promise this is NOT AT ALL like any other teenage book, though it may sound like one right now!) At the end of the school year, she started having apocalyptic visions of the world ending, oftentimes gruesome ones featuring a red witch tearing people to ribbons. Oh, fun. Evie made the mistake of showing her mother her sketches of the dreams and visions she had, and her mother, knowing that Evie came from a long line of crazy family members, immediately put Evie in the CLC to get rid of her fantasies. By the beginning of the next school year, Evie was dosed up on medicine and mostly free of visions and nightmares. However, they only seemed to grow worse as she struggled to remain sane in her happy life at highschool. Well, sort of happy. As it turns out, a new boy had joined her school named Jackson. He rode a motorcycle, was Cajun, seemed to have an unhealthy fixation on Evie (namely, her body), and was ultimately kick-butt. Oh boooooy. Goodbye boring football player boyfriend, helloooo hotness. Anyways, suddenly her insanity turned to reality when the Flash happened, completely burning up houses by random, turning anyone outside to ash, and killing all plant life. Suddenly Evie starts to realize that perhaps she is sane, and that her visions may not be her only powers. Seven months later, humanity is almost completely wiped out, and what little remains has lost their, well, humanity. Evie bands up with His Royal Hotness, or rather Jackson, when he finds her hiding at home. Together, they go on a journey to find her grandmother, one of the people that had been branded as a nut in their family line, who Evie believes can answer all of her questions about her visions and newly discovered powers, as well as details about the Flash.

I have only read the first book of this series and I am already obsessed. At the surface, it appears so boring and a generic apocalypse book. The thing is, you really need to give a book a chance before looking at it doubtfully. In the beginning, it starts out with a man named Arthur who we quickly discover is out to kidnap girls and experiment on them, with his latest victim being Evie. She came into his lair, quickly accepting food and hot chocolate for the exchange of telling her story. Through the entire book, it tells her story and occasionally comes to Arthur asking her questions about it and his thoughts of planning what to do to her. This creates a sense of climax and makes the reader wonder what will happen to her once she finishes telling the entire story. I really loved this because it made the story develop beautifully and was set up differently from other books, since the story was being told inside a story. The entire book leaves you in suspence because of wondering how Evie will escape from Arthur.

As well, the apocalypse is describes beautifully, or rather horrifically, with many different layers and creativity. For instance, it shows how the world can swiftly turn to chaos without order. Some people turned into Bagmen, slimey creatures that always were looking for water and sometimes killed and drank the blood of humans to quench their thirst. Others turned into slavers, taking people captive to suit their needs. Another group was the cannibals, who were desperate enough to eat their friends and passerby. The majority of humans left were men, so women were prized and sought after, leaving Evie in the greatest danger.

Though Evie was in great danger, she had Jackson to help protect her. Throughout the story, he grows as a character, at first seeming dirty and useless. However, the book begins to weave together his story until he becomes dangerous yet protective. There are so many amazing moments between Evie and Jack, even though there are bad moments when I wanted to kill him.

The book has so many layers, first the typical teenage drama story, then the apocalype, and then a war between immortal forces. Oh yes, you heard right. Now you’ll have to read the book to find out!


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