Tiger’s Curse Review

I both loved this book and became frustrated by it–the it being Kelsey. Tiger’s Curse is written in the point of view of a teenage girl who lives with foster parents after the death of both of her parents. At this point in her life, she is searching for a job, and finds one at a circus where she can help sell, clean, and…take care of a tiger named Ren. She forms a quick bond with Ren, spending days reading poetry to the tiger (I used to read to my cats so, honestly, this is not too strange). When a man named Mr. Kadam comes to purchase Ren, he enlists Kelsey to travel with them to India to care for the tiger’s needs. However, that turns out to not be her only job. She soon discovers that she is really there to help Ren and Mr. Kadam break a 300-year curse keeping Ren as a tiger and must travel across India to do it.

I feel like this was a very slow-paced book with little action. For instance, the small moments like eating and looking around India are explained far more than they need to. Sometimes it felt like an entire chapter was just her trying on clothes and eating. However, the imagery given was beautiful and really showed what India is like. For someone who just read a deep and action-packed book that requires a lot of thinking, this book would be perfect. It is almost like those moments when you watch YouTube videos or the television for hours just so you do not have to concentrate on anything after a long day. Yeah, it’s that kind of book. Interesting but relaxing.

Kelsey reminds me of a less annoying version of Mare from Glass Sword, where she just irritates me just enough to make me nearly close the book. She complains a lot and is insecure, but it makes sense in her situation. Her parents died when she was younger, which shows her difficulty to have a romantic relationship with Ren. She does not want to have her heart broken again, especially by the perfect guy, Mr. Prince Charming. Though at moments, I wanted to scream just kiss him already! As well, anyone that is not a fictional character would complain too if they had to go through jungles for days upon days while following a tiger. Really, the book is just realistic that way, and once I understood that, I grew to love Kelsey’s character. She is like a normal teenager and it is nice to relate to that.

There are two amazing guys in this book–Ren and Kishan. Ren is like the perfect gentleman and really loves Kelsey for who she is. Kishan is more rough, kind of like Rhysand in ACOMAF (though technically no one compares to Rhys) where he appears all tough until suddenly you see his sweet and sensitive type. I feel that by the end of the series, Kishan will be the one Kelsey chooses. He seems to have more character than Ren since he has two sides- brooding and sweet.

I think this would be an incredible book for people who like strong imagery, cute guys, and a slow-paced read. It starts out especially slow, but the action builds up as you go along and discover more and more about both the character’s personalities and the curse. As well, I would recommend it to anyone since it feels like so many different genres in one.


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