Rhysand or Tamlin?

Warning: contains spoilers

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas is a tale that was originally modeled after Beauty and the Beast in the first book. In this magical sequel, Feyre has returned to the Spring Court with her lover Tamlin. I had always loved Tamlin far more than Rhysand (I had believed Rhysand would always be the enemy in ACOTAR, but BOY was I wrong!) and was prepared for it to be about rebuilding the kingdom and all of that happy, fluffy calm. Just kidding. We all know Sarah J. Maas does not do “calm” and “fluffy”. She started off the book with an image of Feyre having nightmares from Under the Mountain. You would expect that Tamlin would comfort her, but rather, he pretended to be asleep. Feyre dismissed it as them keeping their pain to themselves. However, as the months wore on, she grew thin and sick from all of her nightly nightmares, and Tamlin did absolutely nothing. I started to see how self-centered and uncaring he was. In contrast, when Rhys (anyone else just love the way his name is shortened?) took Feyre away, he opened his own pain to her by revealing that he had spent years as “Amarantha’s whore” just to save his friends. See the difference? Tamlin did everything for himself (Rhys even noted that he only tried to have sex with Feyre Under the Mountain rather than help her run away) while Rhys destroyed everything he was just to save those he cared about. He would even go to war to protect Feyre from being taken back by Tamlin. As well, Rhys treated her as a partner, while Tamlin treated her as a pet. Rhys’s idea of protection was letting her fend for herself, which Tam’s was to hide her away from the world and let her waste away. Tamlin told her that he kept her at home to help his people, while Rhys’s idea of helping his people was throwing his entire being away.

There is always a villain and a good guy in books and movies. Tamlin always seemed like the good guy because Spring and blond hair is shown as new life and innocence. Rhysand’s Night and dark hair showed darkness. The first hints of Tamlin being the villain was when he would go into rages, turning rooms to shreds. He is like a scared little boy, unstable in his position and frightened of losing everything again. Rhysand is stronger, protecting rather than shredding. I believe that most of the reason he went after Feyre was the fear of losing to Rhysand again or losing someone else he loved, like his family, to Rhysand. He needed to protect his honor and not bow at Rhysand’s feet ever again.

In short, if Tamlin existed in today’s modern society, he would be most likely possessive or prone to one night stands. Rhys would be the traveling type and attentive to a girl’s needs. This basically shows that though Tamlin was well-loved in ACOTAR, he would never be able to last through the rest of the series. Rhys is meant to last for the rest of the series…unless… Tarquin? Just kidding, guys! He is too sweet for Sarah J. Maas’s writing!



2 thoughts on “Rhysand or Tamlin?

  1. I’ma be honest. I didn’t understand what everyone saw in Tamlin. I hated him from the start. There was something with the way Maas wrote Lucien that threw me off and I just hated Tamlin. I thought that something big was going to happen, that Feyre would wake up, but NOOOOO. Instead the book ends seemingly happy go-lucky and I’m left DUMBSTRUCK as to how the book was so popular.
    … until I read A Court of Mist and Fury.
    BOOOOOYEAH! It brought everything into perspective and explained all the short-comings of ACOTAR that made me furious and mad. And it gave me Rhys, of course. And the dream court. *swoons* It was so conclusive and decidedly Maas that I forgave her for ACOTAR because it made so much more sense. But I still never would have continued with the series if I didn’t read both books together.

    I agree that Talim would be the asshole, over-possessive boyfriend in modern society.
    …. would it also be fair to point out that Rhys may be the misunderstood freak that no one talks to because everyone is slightly scared of him, or doesn’t understand him?
    Is it bad that I think people like Tamlin are grown, while gems like Rhys are rare and hidden and take a lot of luck and digging to find?

    GREAT POST! Can we fangirl over Rhys, some more? 😀


    • Oh my gosh I’m so sorry! Your comments were put into the spam folder! I’ll admit that I loved tamlin at first, though not enough to have a fictional crush on him! He was too needy and weak. There just always seems something lacking in him! But then in ACOMAF…Rhys entered my world. I love him to pieces!!! His notes to Feyre are seriously so adorable and funny and perfect and AAAH 😭😭 I agree about you saying that he was misunderstood! That’s makes a lot of sense since the poor guy was doing all he could for his people and was feared by everyone and seen as disgusting! My heart breaks for my baby! 💔 I love your metaphor about gems. This is why I can never marry because I’ll just be digging for my Rhysand gem 😂


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